I am a storyteller. I love life, people and their stories. I am fascinated by human nature. I love exploring, finding the unexpected in daily existence and the unknown secrets of what makes life possible. I love travelling. I love meeting and talking to new people because  with each encounter, a world of possibilities opens up. I became a journalist because I was curious, fascinated by people. I love to listen to people, to ask questions, and to get the best possible story out of any circumstance. My journey into broadcast journalism began when I was five listening to radio dramas broadcast on Radio Zulu (Ukhozifm today). Listening to the radio was the highlight of our evenings and turned our small Orlando home into a living theatre. My experience and knowledge is rooted in Broadcast Journalism. My career in the sector spans more than a decade working as a Radio and TV journalist, a radio news reader, anchor, producer, investigative journalist, a war correspondent, human rights and constitutional court reporter. I am always grateful and appreciate opportunities to tell stories, in a creative and impactful way.   This is my personal blog and website, all  words  and views on this website except where expressly noted otherwise are mine.

Recent/ Current Projects

Sound Africa – Editor in Chief  – 2020

Journalists for Human Rights – Consultant – 2021

 Covid In Africa – Podcast Producer/ Host – 2020

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  1. gnatseyeview says:

    Art is that which leads me out of myself and allows me to glimpse a place beyond the physical laws of the universe.

  2. Love your write up! Best wishes!

    1. Thank you for visiting my blog. Much Appreciated! Wishing you all the best too.

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