The Big Disconnect – The South African Semantic

This woman inspires me in so many ways I love her.

Simphiwe Dana

There has been many shocking incidents that have rocked the foundations of our new South Africa. I will not dwell on any one incident but will rather note our collective sensationalist reactions to them. Most importantly note the self destructive characteristic it reveals in us in that our focus has not been to fix but to find fault. There seems to be a big disconnect between the hero/leader and the person on the street. It seems we only see South Africa through the actions of our leaders, we do not have our own ownership of it. That could be why we do not try to save it. Expressing shock and throwing our hands in the air in exasperation is not enough, it is just blowing hot air. It is especially hot air if our mood is dependent on populist sentiment. I see how we crush leaders, dust off our hands…

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