The Sunday Love List…

Find Love In Everything You Do
Find Love In Everything You Do

I used to have that sinking feeling each Sunday as a child, while polishing my shoes or thinking about homework not done, or the teacher or bully I would be forced to confront. The feeling stayed with me till my adult life as an employee.  Now that I am free-lancer and every and any day can be a working day, that anxiety has subsided somewhat, but the prospect of a new week still has that lingering sinking feeling – It’s become a habit. So I’ve decided to do something different. Since I have been talking and writing about love, I thought why not replace the normal “To Do List” with a list of a different kind. The “To Love (doing)List”. Listing all the things I would love to do – taking out the “work-obligation-element” to it and making it actually something to look forward to, to enjoy. Replacing the dread with an expectation of more fun! So I’m going to write a  “ love list”, even though the things that I need to do like,  my laundry don’t seem fun, it’ll be fun when I have clean clothes to wear.  I’m sure you get my drift, however simplistic.  My Sunday love list will be just about  everything I love this week, or everything I enjoyed the last week. So that will create a positive expectation of the week to come – by focusing on the things I would love, and finding love in my duties and obligations.


  1. Coffee. I love coffee and enjoy it enormously.  Though I used to be a slave to it before, I now drink coffee for pure pleasure. I enjoy it now and drink less of it surprisingly.   I was fortunate to get a bag of ground coffee from my favourite Coffee shop –Cramer’s Coffee. I love the smell of coffee, and I often add cinnamon to it when I’m at the coffee shop, because I love the smell of cinnamon just as much! Since I cannot indulge in all  the sweet delicacies that often have cinnamon like cakes and buns, I have it in my coffee instead. I am often tempted to accidentally pour it on my clothes and wear cinnamon as perfume. Imagine! I really enjoy the smell, it literally makes me smile
  2. Lemon.  This citrus fruit is amazing – I often replace coffee with just hot lemon water, because it’s infinitely better for your health and also because I love the taste.  It’s better than wine!
  3. PLAY. I love all things performance, and this week I will be performing in Kliptown, rehearsing for our fund-raising event on Saturday. Seeing an idea  grow into something tangible and real must be the most  rewarding thing on earth!
  4. TAXI-Ride. I don’t mean a cab. Traveling in a minibus taxi, though at times quite frightening, is a beautiful way to learn about people, current trends, news and what not’s – taxi conversations can be hilariously funny, interesting and sometimes depressing. It’s like a multi media tv/radio channel. You can choose to listen or do something else,
  5. READING: Like reading. Since I’m not driving, travelling in the taxi gives me a chance to catch up on my reading. I’m currently reading Simone De Beauvoir’s Second Sex, she’s a gifted intellectual and writer. Movement helps me absorb her Language better – somehow it works for me.  I actually literally look forward to being in a taxi so I can read! I love reading.
  6. WALKING:  Oh I love walking and look forward to opportunities to do that, not only do I get exercise, but I experience the city from a different   perspective.  I notice and observe things, shops, smells and people, birds, signs and venues that would generally pass me by in a car or any other mode of transport. There’s something about having your feet on the ground. Walking grounds me. And that feels great. For someone a little challenged on the directions front it’s also a good way of learning directions believe it or not. I know the city of Johannesburg better today because I have walked the streets, I may not get there quickly but I won’t get lost! Haha and it’s FUN. When wearing High heels, the city becomes my ramp!
  7. SKIPPING: I recently discovered that I love skipping! A surprise for me because I’ve always associated skipping with punishment, because my grandmother used a professional skipping rope to punish us when we were naughty as kids. But now I found I enjoy the exercise and find it has a fun playful element to it too– also from childhood – that makes it an enjoyable silly thing to do. I skipped all the way to the supermarket this afternoon and found it was another way to reconnect  with my grandmother and appreciate and love her more and  have fun with her ( she used to skip too)  And it is a great workout!
  8. WRITING: You may or may not have noticed that I love writing, but I do. Going out meeting people and doing things I love, gives me something to write about, I look forward to writing more about the things I love and which interest me! Writing is like is meditation for me.
  9. MUSIC. Helps me to focus on nothing hehe… I mean  the beautiful mystery of life, helps me focus on my breathing, express the emotions that I cannot yet write about or digest, or understand. Music is creations’ gift to mankind.  It moves me.
  10. DANCING: I haven’t danced much lately but whenever I hear great music the most natural thing for me to do to show appreciation – to give thanks – is by dancing. It’s the only way I know how to honour other people’s gifts and talents, in music. I may not say thank you, but I will dance to it, that’s my way of saying thank you for the music!
  11.  HAIR. For years I’ve given other people the responsibility of taking care of my hair.  But now I’m learning to have fun with it, and allow it to grow in its natural state. It feels good between my hands, sensuous almost and it’s just another way of showing love and appreciation for what I have – reconnecting to myself. It’s teaching me to be patient. I’m falling in love with my hair and it’s relaxing. Great for finger exercises too 🙂
  12. SLEEPING. I used to dread sleep. Now I enjoy it, and look forward to just relaxing… after all this activity it feels good to retire, close your eyes and down load. Great sleep is good for your health and doing the things you love, will make it easier to fall into peaceful lustful sleep.
  13. FILMS. I love great documentaries and films, Movies etc. The medium is amazing for me as it combines all my favourite things like music, books, writing into a harmonious audio-visual dream. If it’s not that intriguing (not all movies or films are wonderful) watching films allows me to fall asleep without a moment’s hesitation. Helps me unwind.  I love this form of storytelling and look forward to making some of my own!
  14. HONEY! How can I forget? I love you honey! And thank the universe for the Bees who work so hard to make you possible. (no pun intended: but I do look forward to spending more time with you!)  I also love having honey in my coffee whenever I can get good natural honey – it’s good for everything! YUM! Thank you for the gift of love! Honey makes me SING!

Hope you enjoyed  reading my list of Things/activities I look forward to enjoying this week.. I’m sure I could write a thesis but I will leave it here so that you also can have some room to think, visualize and even write down some things you would love to enjoy doing this week.   Share some of your favourite love to do lists with me if you have time. But most of all…

Have a LOVELY week.

2 thoughts on “The Sunday Love List…”

  1. Hmmm….love love…so I can’t hate on anything on your list.
    Thanks for the list cause I now have a new take or found second wind for my week.
    My list goes something like this:

    Beading dancer: get interviewed, secure some business for the next month, secure selling on the weekend.
    Plants: spend some time in my parents garden speaking to the herbs, especially lavender(she’s my favourite: relaxing, pong killer, pest controller, body oil maker…oh, and I love it on melted cheese, tomato and basil across some french bread) before negotiating cutting some flowers to make some skin products.

    Veges: cook a decent meal made of green plants…baby marrow, brocolli etc.

    Skin products: get some oil to make new products….love this.
    An evening of bathing and loving: using my friends vegan soaps, lemon-lemon thyme body oil, some flowers for my bath….just be in that moment of pampering and sleeping. Aiming for 12 hours and more of it that night.
    See friends: head to the drill to see some friends and touch base….exchange some love.

    Dance: heading to a workshop to impart some movement knowledge and games.

    Source: find beads for a clients wedding neckpiece I need to finish and look for her friends items for her necklace and belt.

    A momemt of love: hoping badimo cover this activity for me. A random love moment…fall in love with something.
    A reflective moment: hoping this also goes on the gods list for me.

    That’s what I’m looking forward to….enjoy the week.


  2. WoW you’re week already sounds so glorious! love the fresh veggies and fruit on your menu this week!.It reminds me to include more of that in mine, real love from nature! Thank you for sharing your love to do list with me! Enjoyed reading your blog on the LOVE HOUSE it brings back so many memories for me wonderful ones to – and makes me marvel at how. the world keeps getting smaller even as it expands so infinitely beyond my wildest imagination. So glad you found a place of rest and renewal for you soul. All I can say is you’re in good hands. A good friend in this love journey runs the plac, a :). I have been meaning to visit – Maybe I’ll meet you there one day. It’s a beautiful world! More Love to you my sister!


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