The Love Walk to Freedom

Already looking like a Ruby.
power plus love  equals peace

It took me a while to get to it, but I am glad I finally did. Tata Nelson Mandela’s autobiography: The Long Walk to Freedom. I understand him, just a little bit more now, and I get the ANC even better. My Wake up call came very early on in my life, but for some reason I didn’t quite wake up to it fully, I was somehow blinded by so many things that this life had to offer only to discover that they are all a means to an end. We have a higher purpose – Mandela met his as far as one single individual operating in a collective can – that purpose is for love which brings freedom and that freedom is perpetual and interlinked, we are only as free as our neighbour is free, and until we are all free – there will be no freedom. Through the book I traveled to a country of extreme oppression and poverty, of repression and authoritarian rule where – a life other than slavery is punishable by  death. I came out into 2013 and still find the country still in the same extreme states of oppression, poverty, repression and authoritarian rule and wondered – what happened? Today in my own country, we commemorate the Marikana Massacre on August 16 2012 where at least 34 striking Lonmin miners were, gunned down, attacked and killed by the state police, today in Egypt the massacre in the same style is taking place. I see how the systematic introduction of capitalism has continued to reinforced the status quo of historical and present day  slavery all around the world:, religion, tribalism, xenophobia, homophobia, race, the banking systems, even our most cherished democracies are all just tools to suppress any legitimate, honest, revolution by the people. Everywhere i look are rules and regulations, laws and treaties, massive multi-national agreements that could plant forests in the remotest of deserts, all tools and mechanisms meant to form the largest factory of mindless workers, people, supporters  and followers of the system. We are controlled from the minute the authorities are informed of our existence, and the indoctrination continues through school, books, the foods we eat, the clothes we wear, the music we listen to, the pictures we watch, what’s good and bad, everything – then – religion is used to cement the indoctrination leaving almost no room for escape for people who are told they have no power over their lives or existence that they can do nothing else but follow the rules to live in peace. There are so many hurdles on the path to freedom…and all of them begin with you refusing to turn a blind eye to injustice…on your brother or sisters’Image suffering and pain. Ultimately it’s about love, self love, because you can never love another until you love yourself and only when you truly love yourself can you see that you are the same with everyone else, regardless of colour, creed, language or class.  With love comes power….only the power of love can change the world.

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