FOR YOU: A Blank Cheque for the NEW YEAR…

Johannesburg. South Africa
Johannesburg. South Africa

27 Thursday, Johannesburg South Africa.  It’s almost past 6pm, on the 8th floor of the building I work in, the sun comes out casting a bright light across the Johannesburg Sky. It’s one of those things I love about the city of my birth Johannesburg.  As if it never rained. The clouds part revealing luscious green trees framing the brown structures – washed clean from the rain. Purple Jacaranda trees litter the horizon with their purple haze.   It is beautiful here.

All the more reason for us as we move to the new year to resolve to preserve and conserve what we have.  Yes I am a romantic. But I do believe in the triumph of the human spirit, both individually and collectively.

So for you, Johannesburg, South Africa, My country men, here’s  blank cheque for the New Year.

A chance to start over, to believe again, love again, forgive again, trust again, dream again, and care again.

And we can do that, like our ancestors did, collectively they believed in a brighter future – an equal society – they fought long and hard, and even though some days were so dark they couldn’t see the horizon they still believed – they still hoped, they still loved, they still forgave.

Yes 2012 has been hard for us as all :country, a continent and the world. We have another chance in the New Year, to collectively stand up for what we believe in. Stand up for the rights of every one, from the smallest and weakest. That is is where our collective strength is.  United we stand, divided we fall.

I stand with you.

” Sometimes it falls upon a generation to be great. You can be that Generation”.- Nelson Mandela.

Peace and love


Happy New Year!




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