Ta! I almost started to toi-toi…

But really there’s no need for that anymore apparently.   This is one of many many blogs whose usernames and passwords I have long forgotten over years. Blogs which  I stared with much enthusiasm, and left with no dedication.

Just the other day, I was walking into the Spar Supermarket in Blacheath, Johannesburg ( say near Cresta when you catch a minibus taxi). I was really minding my own business when I saw this sign and it really irritated me you know, like who the hell do you think you are ( I almost had a fight with it)  Did I mention how cheap I thought the sign was? It was cheap hey –  it said: “If you’re tired of failing, stop giving up”.  I marveled at who in the world could think of making a sign like that, it was so  cheap like it was one of those  fake-rusty- antique tin things what nots. And I stopped myself from saying sometimes giving up is not failing when I realized that it was true. I had been giving up on myself on my story on this blogging thingie so many times.  How could I ever see what would come of it?  So  I’m tired of failing S’trues Bob!.So I won’t give up, this time.

I am going to try this cheap sign out for size.

Spar’s Tagline, “Spar Good For You” was really was Good for Me, this time!

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