A bone to Chew

Disclaimer: This  is something I wrote for Facebook, at 2am in the middle of the night on Tuesday the 26th of April a year ago. A lot has happened since then.  For example: I am no longer chewing Chicken Bones ( We sort broke up a few weeks ago, it’s complicated you know) anyway I have  decided to write something each time thoughts of winged thighs and asses come to mind. Break-ups are hard guys I’m learning to accept and move on very quickly and yet it  still was…..

A Good Bone to Chew.

Posted April 2011:Johannesburg, South Africa: I was quite shocked the other day to discover what my friends find most interesting about me. As in if someone where to stop them and ask what  I like best in life, they’d say… wait for it… that I love chicken, but no wait and this is the best part, they’d say that what I love most of all is chewing chicken bones!!! They didn’t understand why I found this a shocking revelation, but I hope you can commiserate with me.  Imagine I become well known (for something other than chewing bones), and my friends are interviewed in one of those documentaries that fold peoples’ lives in neat easy to digestable packages – they would say my most favourite thing is to chew on chicken bones! And this I might add, not as a quirky aspect of my personality, but as a “thing” like a  hobby, a passion, something I would move mountains to do whether I was paid for it or not ala Carry Bradshaw’s obsession with shoes in Sex and the City!

They found it  funny too when I said, I doubt there are chicken eating fan clubs where people collect bones, like wine…. a 1968 collectable thigh bone I’d been waiting to chew  to celebrate a  very special occasion. Maybe I should start one.

Anyway, the chicken bone thing is so general, so ubiquitous of South Africans, and apparently Africans in general. Most people I know eat chicken and love it – breast thigh, fried, grilled, etc. I’m yet to go to a party,  dinner or braai or eating get together where chicken is not on the menu or spoken of.

Read this: The chicken industry in South Africa is worth 23billion rands ( 3bilion USD). And in 2009  each South African consumed 30.8kg of chicken compared to  3.7kg of mutton, 4.1kg of pork and 16.7kg of beef in 2009. These figures speak volumes for me. I must eat at least 100kg of chicken/bones a year!  My friends are not wrong. I do love chewing chicken bones when they are available to chew.

But I’ve always thought it a general thing. Where I grew up  everyone chewed bones, how can that be the most memorable feature of who I am?  Anyway – I don’t want to go down in living memory as the girl who chewed chicken bones with passion! I’d at least like to add other things that seem most substantial…. and so I will begin a journey to chew my bones in private, and give my friends another bone to chew on – this time hopefully not chicken!

Do you know what your chicken bone is?

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